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Agri-Energy Partners Ltd. offers many important services to our clients including Asset Management, Representation, Consultation, Mediation, Surface Lease Rental Recovery and Land Check Services.  The core of our business is making sure that your assets are managed properly and that you don't miss out on any of the opportunities that are yours to capture with your surface leases.

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About us
About Us - A business built by farmers and ranchers for farmers and ranchers.

Agri-Energy Partners Ltd., formerly known as Section 25 Management, has roots deep in agriculture and the family farm, providing you with over 50 years of combined experience from a professional land agent and administration team.

Latest News 
Rental Recovery Blog Post - Solutions for Alberta Landowners

Solutions for Alberta Landowners Left to Suffer with Unpaid Lease Payments…

July 2022


Many Alberta landowners are facing the problem of unpaid surface lease payments. It’s a problem that won’t be going away any time soon.

The Home Quarter July 2022 Newsletter

The Home Quarter

July 2022


View our latest newsletter containing updates for Repsol Clients, our recent meeting with MLA, Garth Roswell, and more...

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