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Surface Lease Rental Recovery Partner Program


The Surface Lease Rental Recovery Partner (SLRRP) program was developed with the goal of reducing the stress landowners feel when lease rental payments are not being paid by oil and gas operators.


The Alberta Government has a Rental Recovery program in place through the Land and Property Rights Tribunal (LPRT) to aid landowners in the recovery of missed payments.  It is a great program, but the system and applications can be cumbersome and difficult for landowners to navigate.  A similar system may also be coming to aid Saskatchewan landowners, but is not yet in place. We will be watching closely for any information coming out about this new program for Saskatchewan landowners.


We have completed hundreds of applications for Alberta landowners and been able to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for our rental recovery clients. 


The waits for payment tend to be long (approximately 2 years from the time of application) so we have designed a database that allows us to easily track client applications.  We have build good relationships with the staff at the Land and Property Rights Tribunal for when follow-up is needed to get an application on track.

To read more about this program, visit the website

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