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About Agri-Energy Partners Ltd.

Agri-Energy Partners Ltd., was built by farmers and ranchers for farmers and ranchers to combat the massive gap in the agri-energy service industry.  We recognized that landowners needed support and with that set a goal to level the playing field to ensure fairness and efficiency in dealings and negotiations.  Our team members have spent decades working for oil and gas companies and fully understand the complexities of the contracts that are being negotiated.  It is our priority to ensure landowners don't miss out on any opportunities that are theirs to capture.

Our Goal
Our Goals - Putting the Pieces Together

Our goal is to partner with landowners during negotiations by providing professional representation and negotiation expertise.  It is important to us to provide the tools, such as our custom developed software, to optimize returns, steward the land, and ensure assets are being managed.

We commit to giving our partner landowners peace of mind, time and energy saving tools, relief from mounds of paperwork, protection of their interests and returned dollars to their bottom line.  We give back the homefield advantage!

Our Team
Our Team of Professionsl

It's true what they say - A company is only as good the people it keeps.  We think we have some of the very best and are pretty darn proud of the skilled, dedicated and professional people we get to call team Agri-Energy Partners.  Meet the team...

Why Us?
Why choose us?

For decades, Alberta and Saskatchewan oil and gas companies have been negotiating the acquisition of oil and gas reserves with landowners. Typically, the energy company sends out a Land Agent to represent their interests. As a landowner, you are left to sift through the information and make decisions that significantly impact your land and livelihood.  You are entitled to have fair representation at the bargaining table and someone who represents your needs.  We specialize in providing that representation and more. Continue Reading...

Frequently Asked Questions
Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Our industry is pretty new so there are bound to be a lot of questions from landowners about what we do and our role as your partner.  We're always happy to answer your questions or concerns.  Here you'll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  Read More...

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