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Oil & Gas Asset Management

Managing your Agri-Energy assets is key to ensuring you receive your annual lease payments, increase your income and protect your land.  We deliver the tools to make this process easy.

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Representation during negotiations is key to taking back the home-field advantage in your dealings with oil and gas operators.  Our experienced land agents are on your side.

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Have questions?  Need additional services?  Our team of experienced land and administrative professionals is here to help you achieve your desired results.

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There is a massive "David & Goliath" gap in the Agri-Energy industry.  We know landowners need support to make their dealings fair and efficient.  

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Surface Lease Rental Recovery

Many landowners are facing the problem of unpaid annual surface lease payments.  We can help both Alberta and Saskatchewan landowners through our various channels.

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Land Check Services

Take the guess work out of your next land purchase.  It's important to know exactly what you are buying and limit your short and long term risks.

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